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AS-10 RFID Reader

The AcuSmart AS-10 player has great performance and stylish design. It comes configured to identify only the AcuSmart cards and tags of the same client. Weather resistant and can be installed on metal surfaces.


The AS-10 reader is a reader of AcuSmart line further enhances safety in systems of Access Control, Electronic Point, etc. It comes already configured to work only with cards and tags of the same client. Have the anti-collision system and communicates via three different interfaces: RS-232 TTL, Wiegand and ABA TK2 and can be configured by ACURA Global Reader Utility software that came with the player. In RS-232 protocol, you can set the baud rate, the sequence of transmission (MSB or LSB) and package format. In Wiegand protocol format 4-128 bits and parity transmission sequence, since the ABA TK-2 protocol, the packet size and sequence of delivery.


Technical Specifications

* Considering stabilized and regulated power source for 12V DC, installation electromagnetic noise-free environment and without the presence of metal surfaces near the reader.

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