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ACURA Global Associations

ACURA has the mission of decisively leading and contributing in development of the eletronic identification market, offering excellence in products and services to our customers, and for that, working with the collaboration of partners and qualified professionals.

These associations increase the efficiency in the value chain, expanding the usage and benefits of the technology, with focus on high value sustainable distribution. Among the associations are AFRAC, ALAS, EPCglobal, RFIDJournal and RAIN.

"The Latinamerican Security Association - ALAS is a propeller to the industry of eletronic security and related technologies in Latin America and Caribbean".
RFID Journal
"Being the definitive resource for corporates seeking to understand how RFID can help their companies increase the efficiency in supply chain, reduce storage, limit theft, improve product availability and provide more convenience to the customers. The RFID Journal fulfills the needs of those who seek to use RFID, with relevant news, relationship opportunities, events and education".