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AcuTag UHF DogBone

The AcuTag UHF DogBone is ideal for industrial environments as it can work with great efficiency near metals. It offers great performance for pallets, packages and items identification.


The adoption of AcuTag labels represents a big competitive and logistic advantage for any company which has high turnover rate merchandise, and also great manufacturing operations and distribution for clients in different parts of the world. The same RFID tag may be used by the manufacturer, the logistics service provider and the salesman, to trace and identify products, packages and pallets in the supply chain, in a precise and efficient way at a reduced cost. Between the many applications for tags there is: supply chain, industrial environment, brand authentication and fashion, transportation, medical and pharmaceutic area accessories.

Technical Specifications


* The reading distance may vary according to tag, antenna, cable and environment of use of the reader.

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