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The Brazilian Automation Association - GS1 kickstarted the Center of Innovation and Technology, built in GS1's site, in São Paulo. The space shows automation solutions based on entity standards and was projected according to the world's most rigorous standards. By visiting the CIT, it is possible to know how many codes and technologies work, which is the case of radio-frequency identification, through EPC/RFID, and from GS1 DataBar in the moment the product is being manufactured. It also simulates the use of technology on retail market, with different kinds of products, that give a new dimension to the buying experience.

"One of the big voids in our industry is the possibility of the end user to have access to a complete array of solutions available in the market, in a same place. The CIT is the answer for that", Marcos Honda, CEO and president of ACURA. Professionals of different sectors like industry, retail, healthcare, technology, etc, may have a broad vision of all technologic steps needed by the supply chain. "GS1 brings great visibility to its members before the market in general, being the strongest reference in Brazil when it comes to codification and eletronic identification. Being part of this big panel of technology, with our products and solutions in RFID, is an excellent opportunity to get closer to potential partners all over the country.", completes Marcos Honda, about ACURA's expectation about CIT.

The Center of Innovation and Technology is inspired on the Knowledge Center, from Germany, built for trainings. The built systems show automation from productive processes to sales, going through robotized storage, traceability practices, product identifications via RFID e solutions that guarantee the consumer safety. The CIT is already acknowledged as the most technologically advanced center of South America.

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About GS1 Brazil
The GS1 Brazil, Brazilian Automation Association, has 57 thousand associates and is a non-profit organization that represents nationally GS1 Global. In all the world, GS1 is responsible for the global standard of identification of products services (Barcodes and EPC/RFID) and communication (EDI and GDSN) in the supply chain. Aside from establishing standards in products identification, the association offers services and solutions to the areas of retail, healthcare, transports and logistics.