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AcuTag UHF Steelwave Micro

Especially developed for small surfaces, the Steelwave Micro has extremely small dimensions and is ideal to identify and track IT environment assets.


The Steelwave Micro is a miniature UHF tag, ideal for metallic surfaces, with a matchless performance for its size. It offers new possibilities for companies to improve asset management, especially computers and other highly valuable devices.

The practicity obtained with the Steelwave Micro has encouraged companies when it started providing precise information of the assets in a faster and safer way. The Steelwave Micro can also be used in tools or other assets that normally don't have space for any kind of tag, since it can also be used on non metal as well.

Technical Specifications

* The reading distance may vary according to tag, antenna, cable and environment of use of the reader.
** Respecting specifications.

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